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Frank is a beautiful German Shepherd mix. Frank should have been loved his whole life, sadly that was not the case. He suffered abuse and neglect that left him in such terrible condition that he almost died. Frank couldn't stand, in fact he could hardly lift his head. The family that had him had purposely starved him, then put him outside in October in the rain with no food water or shelter, hoping he would die! Frank was outside for at least 2 days before someone living in the house discovered him and contacted Angela.

Angela contacted us about Frank. All we knew was there was a dog who has been left outside to die, starved. We immediately said we'd help. We later found out that he was suffering from lymphoma with secondary tumors. Frank weighed around 40 pounds, less than half of his optimal weight. This is the picture that was initially sent to us by Angela. 

Frank was sent to an emergency vet where they recommended he be put to sleep. We decided against that and transferred him to another vet who said he would need to start chemo right away and it was his only chance. So we told them to begin treatment. We were told that if the chemo would help that we would know with the first one or 2 treatments.

Frank began to respond after the first chemo treatment. He spent around a month in the hospital getting round the clock care. He began to gain his strength, gain weight and started to get more and more healthy. Frank is now 104 pounds!

Sadly the lymphoma returned so he had to start chemo again. Frank received his first treatment of the second try on April 20th. He will go once a week for a while then he will go every other week for a total of 25 treatments. During this time he will get routine blood work to see how he is progressing with a few MRIs and other testing. This is quite costly and we really cannot afford this on our own.

Here is what Frank looks like now. We had to decide whether to try again or not. The vet suggested we try again and that he has an 80% chance of remission. We agreed to try again.

As you can see by this photo, he was not underweight because of the cancer, this was taken when we found out it had come back.

What we really want for Frank is some time where he can feel good and enjoy his life. His family, Lori, Dan and 2 daughters love him very much. They are fostering but he is never going to leave them. He has been given 6 months knowing people are not monsters. The treatments make him feel sick for 3 days. We would love to see him have at least a few months (but hoping for a few years) just being a dog, knowing love (which he gets now) and loving life after the chemo is done and his second tumor is removed, which will happen after the chemo is done.

As you know this is all very costly but Frank is worth every penny!

Frank wasn't alone in the abuse and neglect, Vera, a sweet little girl who had mammary tumors, nails so long she could hardly walk, she had puncture wounds, severely matted, both she and Frank were infested with fleas and on top of all of that poor Vera was pregnant. We had to keep her 4 babies from her due to the tumors. She is now fully adopted but we still have a bill for her surgeries.

Here is how to donate and help with Frank's care:

Call in a payment

Frank gets his treatment at Ridge Hill in North Haven, CT. You may call donations in for Frank by calling 203-288-3307 which is easiest.


You may use our paypal by clicking below or use our email superpawsrescue@gmail.com

Checks can be mailed to:

Frank c/o

Super Paws Rescue Inc

PO Box 1411

Fairfield, CT 06825




Buy a Frank calendar!


Click here to purchase a calendar of your own! Each calendar is $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping.



Frank needs prayers too, so if you are so inclined, please keep him in your daily prayers. He is a good boy and he deserves some time loving life as he should have all along.

Thank you for your continued support!